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By George Robbins This tv series is easily one of my favorites of all time. I am a huge science fiction fan, and as such this is a fantastic series. The accurate depiction of how physics is affected in space starts right from the first episode and had me hooked. That and the mystery introduced […]

By George Robbins It feels as though most, if not all space films have to have some degree of horror added to them. Sometimes it is a monster or sometimes it is just space itself that can be horrific. Couple that with how horrifying people can be and you end up with a film that […]

By George Robbins The best way for me to sum up this film is exactly what is in the title of this post. Not just space can be terrifying though; humans, as shown in the film, can be just as scary as well with the things they do or make. The film is just full […]

By George Robbins This film starts off bleak, which is why I was expecting there to be some kind of triumph for humanity, but I did not expect what it would be. This film is one that I went for a long time without seeing, and then some day I decided to watch it. At […]

By George Robbins I hardly ever get truly sad at the end of a film, but this is one of those films that I do get sad finishing. The bittersweet feeling that is left after the film is proof that the film itself had a huge impact. The way that all of the characters are […]