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Top Gun: Maverick

It is of no surprise to anyone in the world at this point that the entertainment industry is suffering very hard due to the Covid-19 outbreak. With the outbreak, we gained phrases like “flatten the curve” and social distancing, which is just a shorter way of saying stay away from other people to keep the […]

It is no surprise that movies are having delays in the production departments and the release departments. Both of these delays lead to an even bigger problem which is when does it become possible for delayed movies to be released? That is the current big button issue with a lot of different production companies at […]

Just like the title of this article I am posing the question, “Will movies ever be normal again?” More specifically I am talking about the movie-going experience as a whole. Public venues have all been closed down for a couple of weeks now, and they will continue to be closed for an indeterminate amount of […]

Bloodshot Featured Image

During this Covid-19 outbreak, many theatrical releases were forced to release early on digital VOD, or video on-demand, in order to recoup costs. One of the first films to be announced for an early digital release was ‘Bloodshot’ by Sony Pictures. At the time of the announcement, the film had only been in theaters for […]

Recently, and for a good chunk of the foreseeable future, we are pretty much all stuck indoors. As such, we must find ways to entertain ourselves; with a large majority of our time, we spend it on streaming services. Eventually, some people are going to get bored with some of the shows or movies that […]

We are now going into April and with that, one year ago the biggest blockbuster of all time released. Avengers: Endgame was a film which was built up to for years with the remainder of the the MCU being the stepping stones to reach that point. As such, with the one year anniversary coming up, […]