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Directed by Cedric Nicolas-Troyan By Dana Foster So it’s been rather dissatisfying “Lady Action-flick Summer”… we were inundated with marketing for that dynamite milk-shake misstep (“Gunpowder Milk-Shake”), let down in the opening 10 minutes… We were upset by the audacity of “Jolt”… and we haven’t viewed “The Protégé,” but we have hope because we like […]

by Emily Nagle The release date for the Mad Max: Fury Road prequel “Furiosa” has been delayed a year, and is now set to premiere on Memorial Day 2024 instead of June 23, 2023. While little is known about the film’s story, the cast has been confirmed to star Anya Taylor-Joy as a younger version […]

Documentary Aims to Raise Awareness of The Veteran Suicide Epidemic LOS ANGELES, CA (August 30, 2021) – In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, another epidemic is raging—the high suicide rates among veterans. But independent distributor Invincible Entertainment is attempting to raise awareness of this problem through an epic film, Hell or High Seas. A […]

by Emily Nagle This morning, Netflix revealed the main cast list for its live-action version of “Avatar: The Last Airbender.” Starring as Aang, the last surviving Airbender, will be Gordon Cormier. Siblings Katara and Sokka will be respectively portrayed by Kiawentiio and Ian Ousley. Dallas Liu is on board to play Zuko, the prince of […]

by Emily Nagle Sony has acquired anime streaming network Crunchyroll from AT&T in a deal worth $1.175 billion. While the deal was initially created in December 2020, the deal was not approved until Monday. The streamer was purchased by Funimation, Sony’s anime distribution and dubbing company. Now that the two companies are merged, what can […]

This week’s Box Office raked in a total of $62,376,000. “The Suicide Squad” – $26,500,000 (Premiere) “Jungle Cruise” – $15,693,000 ($65,317,454 total gross) “Old” – $4,140,000 ($38,523,145 total gross) “Black Widow” – $4,007,000 ($174,358,784 total gross) “Stillwater” – 2,860,000 ($10,000,070 total gross) The Suicide Squad,” led this weekend’s box office which is struggling to recover […]