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By George Robbins Marvel Studios’ Marvel Cinematic Universe, or MCU, has become a massive multi-media franchise within the past 12 years. The original ‘Iron Man’ film started something that no one knew would be as successful as it is and that the series would have so many movies in it. It isn’t just difficult for […]

By George Robbins Not too long ago we heard news that was kind of unexpected in that we would be graced with a new ‘TRON’ movie. Some time in the near future production will begin for a new movie for the ‘TRON’ franchise and it will hopefully be what fans are hoping for. The ‘TRON’ […]

By George Robbins Approximately one month ago, Disney World reopened its doors to the public and people were allowed to re-enter the parks. Though people were able to re-enter the parks, there were rules that had been put in place in order to accommodate for the pandemic. Among those rules was a restriction placed on […]

By George Robbins Not too long ago, the decision for studios to forego theatrical releases started becoming more prevalent as the pandemic remains an issue for the world. Either this, or they’ve chosen to continue delaying their films until they know the climate for releases is better than it currently is. Most studios have actually […]

By George Robbins There are a lot of different films that have unfortunately been forced to have their release dates pushed back due to issues caused by the pandemic. Many films now have theatrical releases either for later this year, or some time next year. These films have had no choice but to do this […]

By George Robbins The Marvel Cinematic Universe, or MCU, is a franchise that is known all over the world and it has easily become one of the biggest film franchises ever. The wild success of the MCU films is something that many other studios are trying to emulate by creating their own shared universes. These […]