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By George Robbins From March of last year, we had to start dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic which has been plaguing the world even longer than the pandemic has been on for thus far. Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, things have become extremely difficult for businesses to continue functioning the way that they […]

By George Robbins The ‘Star Wars‘ franchise is one unlike almost any other out there in the world in terms of overall popularity and incredible ability to draw in new crowds. The franchise is easily one of the most well known draws for getting people invested in purchasing toys and games and has become a […]

By George Robbins There are many memorable movies and characters from said movies that have been prevalent over the years, but none so much as ones which feature Sacha Baron Cohen. Cohen’s existence within the movie industry has been pervasive since he first started with roles that existed solely for the purpose of messing with […]

By George Robbins There are plenty of people who have unfortunately lost their lives over this past year for a variety of reasons and things aren’t starting off all that well going into the next year. It has been announced that actress Tanya Roberts has recently passed with the cause for it being considered completely […]