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by Emily Nagle For the past few weeks, I’ve been seeing Pixar’s newest film “Luca” all over social media. On TikTok, Gen Z kids are making memes about it, and even documenting their trips to McDonald’s to get Happy Meal toys based on the film. As an animation fan myself, I knew I had to […]

Michael J. Nagle This week, HBO premiered a new installment in their documentary series, “I’ll Be Gone In The Dark”. The docu-series is based on the work of writer, Michelle McNamara who tragically died while researching serial murder and rapist, Joseph James DeAngelo. DeAngelo was better known as the Golden State Killer until his identity […]

by Emily Nagle Recently, Paramount+ debuted a CGI reboot of Nickelodeon’s 90s hit, “Rugrats.” Season one of the show arrived on the platform on May 27, 2021, and has five episodes so far. A few weeks before the show’s release, Paramount+ also uploaded a few animated shorts of the show to their YouTube channel. The […]

by Emily Nagle “We Can Be Heroes” released on Netflix on Christmas, and quickly became the number one film on Netflix that weekend. Not even a month after its release, Netflix announced that it would receive a sequel. Nearly six months later, it’s still in the platform’s Top 10, and even though it’s clearly made […]

by Emily Nagle This week, I’m reviewing Sony’s “The Mitchells vs. the Machines”, which just dropped on Netflix on April 30 (in addition to a limited theatrical release a week earlier). It follows the Mitchell family as they take a cross-country road trip to drop off their daughter Katie at her first year of film […]

by Emily Nagle Recently when I was scrolling through Netflix, I got “Kid Cosmic” recommended to me, and when I saw it was made by Craig McCracken – the creator of some of my childhood favorites such as “The Powerpuff Girls” and “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends” – I was all in. “Kid Cosmic” is […]