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By George Robbins This film review for ‘Motherless Brooklyn’ may contain minor spoilers, but no plot spoilers. The film itself is shot in a noir style, and plays heavily off of that. Edward Norton gives the film a good focal point to keep up with. However, following one character in a film like this is […]

By George Robbins This film review for ‘Pulp Fiction’ is more of a review for almost all Tarantino films. I have been in love with his films for years. The way that he has his scenes play out, the drama, the humor, and the tension. That is part of the reason why I think that […]

By George Robbins The reboot of the original Godzilla brings with it a very eerie feeling. The new Godzilla is explained in a very scientific way, but still leaves room for mystery. Thus, ‘Shin Godzilla’ can also keep interest. Therefore, if the film can keep people watching it must be good, right? That is correct […]

By George Robbins ‘Falling Skies’ is a series that I spent a lot of time watching and re-watching. As it is a completed series, I can be satisfied whenever I’m doing a watch through of the show and I reach the end. At the start you are thrown right into the action with little narrative […]

By George Robbins The famous line which is the title of this post is just one of the paradoxical things about this film. The film contradicts itself all throughout and that is the point. Stanley Kubrick knew exactly what it was that he was doing when he made this film, and it is just him […]

By George Robbins There is a lot that can be said about this film, and the most obvious thing would be about the themes present throughout. The most prevalent themes throughout are related to change and how people react to things that are different. These themes are very easily seen throughout the entirety of the […]