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By George Robbins The reboot of the original Godzilla brings with it a very eerie feeling. The new Godzilla is explained in a very scientific way, but still leaves room for mystery. Thus, ‘Shin Godzilla’ can also keep interest. Therefore, if the film can keep people watching it must be good, right? That is correct […]

By George Robbins This film review for Shaun of the Dead is one that will be filled with gratitude. Not just gratitude for the movie, but for the Cornetto Trilogy itself. ‘Shaun of the Dead’ was released in 2004, and upon its first release, it was a film that was beloved for its writing. Following […]

By George Robbins This film review for The Cabin in the Woods is being written to help decide if the film is worth watching. The movie is set up to seem like a slasher film at the start. This foreshadows much of the events that unfold. Thus, it is impossible to predict how it will […]

By George Robbins Krampus Film Review: This film is one that you may or may not find scary, depending on how well you handle horror comedies. Personally this is not a film that I would watch more than once or twice a year. I am not even sure why I am writing this film review. […]

By George Robbins This is one of my favorite Stephen King adaptations, and from what I’ve heard it’s one of his too. I remember the first time that I saw this film I was filled with suspense and anticipation. On top of that there were moments thrown in that just skeeved me out, but it […]

By George Robbins The best way for me to sum up this film is exactly what is in the title of this post. Not just space can be terrifying though; humans, as shown in the film, can be just as scary as well with the things they do or make. The film is just full […]