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Shin Godzilla Film Review

By George Robbins

[usr 4.5]

The reboot of the original Godzilla brings with it a very eerie feeling. The new Godzilla is explained in a very scientific way, but still leaves room for mystery. Thus, ‘Shin Godzilla’ can also keep interest. Therefore, if the film can keep people watching it must be good, right? That is correct and it is why I am writing this film review for ‘Shin Godzilla.’

This reboot of Godzilla was one that I was looking forward to ever since I heard about it. When I saw the film for the first time, I was confused because usually Godzilla just kind of exists. However, this time Godzilla is a creature that was unknown to the entirety of the public. Thus I was immediately hooked within the first minute of the film. Seeing a Godzilla that evolves before your eyes makes him all that more terrifying. Starting from the beginning, he is not much to look at, but he gets scary.

Even though Godzilla is weak at the start of the film, that does not mean he can’t cause tons of collateral damage. In this film he is back to just a mindless version of himself who is looking for nuclear energy. That motivation is what drives him; that, and survival pushes him to evolve rapidly. We also see how government officials would react in the modern age to something like Godzilla. Not well.

This image shows a picture of the third form of Shin Godzilla standing upright.
Shin Godzilla Stage 3


The next time we see Godzilla, he is a walking weapon of mass destruction. Even with advanced weaponry, he is impossible to harm permanently. Therefore, we see people trying to come up with new ways to stop him. As if to prove to us that he is a god, like his namesake, even the plan that does work won’t stop him forever. This is why I think this film is so well executed. It is also the reason why I am writing this film review for ‘Shin Godzilla.’

If you want more information on the film, click here. If you want to see a film similar to this one, try Godzilla:2000 Millennium, an older reboot.