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By Kurt Balingit Due to the pandemic, fans of the “Fast & Furious” franchise will have to wait longer to see the next installment in the series. Originally scheduled to hit theaters May 22nd 2020, Universal pushed the release of “Fast & Furious 9” date to May 28th, 2021 in light of the pandemic. Today, […]

By George Robbins The reboot of the original Godzilla brings with it a very eerie feeling. The new Godzilla is explained in a very scientific way, but still leaves room for mystery. Thus, ‘Shin Godzilla’ can also keep interest. Therefore, if the film can keep people watching it must be good, right? That is correct […]

By George Robbins This film review for the beloved science fiction movie ‘The Fifth Element’ is one I look forward to writing. I hope that you will look forward to reading it. ‘The Fifth Element’ is a science fiction film with a story all its own and doesn’t draw from any other science fiction film. […]

By George Robbins This film review for the 1986 film Short Circuit is one that comes from a place of love. Anyone who sees this movie will love it.While those who have seen it know exactly why it is such a fun movie to watch. The 1980’s were a time where science fiction thrived, and […]

By George Robbins At the time of my writing this film review for ‘Maleficent: Mistress of Evil,’ the film is still new. I don’t think that it is necessary for this film to exist, but it wasn’t bad. The end of the first film did well to close out the story. Therefore, I never would […]

By George Robbins This film review for the now classic animated film Atlantis: The Last Empire is go to emphasize just how much I love this film. As a child or now as an adult, this film has always meant a lot to me. Growing up, this was my go to animated film because it […]