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Weekend Box Office: April 23-25, 2021

by Emily Nagle

This weekend was the most profitable box office weekend for the entire month, with theaters across the United States making a total of $53.9 million due to it being the opening weekend for two films: “Mortal Kombat” and anime “Demon Slayer: Mugen Train.” The new releases ranked #1 and #2 respectively for this weekend’s top 5 highest grossing films.

The top 5 highest grossing films for this past weekend were:

1. Mortal Kombat
2. Demon Slayer: Mugen Train
3. Godzilla vs. Kong
4. Nobody
5. Raya and the Last Dragon

“Mortal Kombat” serves as a reboot to the film series based on the popular martial arts game franchise. After the previous installment in the series, “Mortal Kombat: Annihilation”, flopped at the box office, a reboot laid in development hell for more than two decades. The new film already is off to a better start, receiving average-to-positive reviews from critics. It follows Following its release on Friday, “Mortal Kombat” has made $22.5 million in its opening weekend.

“Mugen Train” is based on the popular manga “Demon Slayer”, and serves as a sequel to the first season of the anime. It follows a teenage boy named Tanjiro who sets out on a mission to kill demons after his sister turns into one and his family is violently murdered. When he embarks on a train The film grossed $19.5 million across the United States in its opening weekend. This number is likely to increase as time passes, considering the dark fantasy anime film has already broken multiple records internationally, becoming the highest-grossing anime film and the highest-grossing Japanese film of all time, grossing $407.7 million worldwide. “Mugen Train” grossed $19.5 million across the United States in its debut weekend.

Also smashing box office records around the globe is monster crossover “Godzilla vs. Kong”. Featuring stars like Millie Bobby Brown (“Stranger Things”) and Alexander Skarsgård (“The Legend of Tarzan”), two worlds collide when Kong is transported into the Hollow Earth to find an energy source powerful enough to halt Godzilla’s wrath. Now in its fourth week of release, it grossed $4.2 million over the weekend.

“Nobody” made $1.7 million over the weekend, and has now made a total of $21.5 million since its March 26 release.

Disney’s animated fantasy “Raya and the Last Dragon” has been available in theaters and on Disney+ since March, and made $1.6 million over the weekend. In total, it has grossed $39.8 million.