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NBCUniversal Acquires Rights to Canadian Hit “Conversations With My Parents”

by Emily Nagle

François Morency and his parents

NBCUniversal has acquired the format rights for the Middle East, Asia, and Eastern Europe for Radio-Canada’s hit comedy “Conversations With My Parents.”

Produced by A Media, the weekly comedy show is based on the book of the same name written by comedian François Morency. Each episode features Morency having lively conversations with his parents, brother, and sister. The show’s simple format has made it the most watched comedy on Radio-Canada. Fall 2020 saw the premiere of season 3 and produced an average market share of 37%, and a fourth season is currently in production.

With the announcement of this news, the producer and president for A Media, Guillaume Lespérance, said in a statement, “We’re very proud of the interest that ‘Conversations With My Parents’ has generated. It’s great to see that this charming and easily adaptable format can be loved by audiences across the globe.”

Also commenting on this news is Enrique Guillen, executive VP, international strategy at Universal Studio Group. Guillen added, “We are excited to see how this clever format can serve other top comedians and audiences across the Middle East, Asia and Eastern Europe.”