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By George Robbins This film review for the beloved science fiction movie ‘The Fifth Element’ is one I look forward to writing. I hope that you will look forward to reading it. ‘The Fifth Element’ is a science fiction film with a story all its own and doesn’t draw from any other science fiction film. […]

By George Robbins I am writing this film review for the animated film Iron Giant so that my early love for the film can be expressed. It is just a fantastic film in its own right. The animation style is a little old school, but that just adds to the charm. After all, this film […]

By George Robbins Seriously a film review for the movie ‘Weird Science’ is just asking for a strange review right? Well I don’t know if it does because that would mean coming up with some weird review. Reviews are hard to make weird you know. It would have to involve a bunch of side tracking […]