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A Philadelphia Experiment Film Review

By George Robbins

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Where to really start this film review for ‘The Philadelphia Experiment.’ The best place to begin I suppose is that this film is based off of an urban legend about the so called ‘true’ Philadelphia experiment. This fact alone makes the film seem eerie. This helps the film, however, as it just makes the film more tense. After watching the events that transpire in the film, it can leave viewers stunned that maybe, just maybe, it all happened. This is how I’d imagine feeling if I saw it when it first released.

The first time I watched through the film, I had an uneasy feeling. The uneasy feeling never really goes away, even now when I think about it. This lends itself to the film very well and makes it all the more entertaining. Though those of you who have seen it know,perhaps, what I’m talking about I don’t want to ruin the moment for others. Thus, with that being said, this film is just another great science fiction film.

The 1980’s really were a great period for science fiction films, and this movie is proof. This movie makes you think; maybe an experiment like the Philadelphia Experiment actually existed. Most people would say absolutely not, but you never know. Hopefully after reading through this film review, some of you might start thinking that. I hope so because it would be great to have more scientific conspiracy theorists out there in the world.

If you want to find any more information on the film, feel free to click here.

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