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Film Review for Wall-E: EVA?

By George Robbins

[usr 4.75]

For the title of this film review for ‘Wall-E,’ I felt it necessary to include what is essentially a tagline for the film. This movie is one that I have loved ever since its release. The titular character of the film is one that anyone can fall in love with at any age. This movie was made for children, and also adults who are kids at heart. Wall-e is a character that was perfectly designed to make you simply say “awww.”

As I said, this film is one that I fell in love with the first time that I saw it. I remember seeing the main character for the first time and not knowing how the movie would play out. Thus my expectations for the film were confused and it’s why I love it. However, robot all on his own is not a film, and this is why they make him sociable. this changes how the whole film plays out. Sometimes, one person can make all of the difference, and Wall-E being friendly and hard-working shows this best.

There is plenty of love that can be seen throughout the entirety of the film. Everything is animated to feel more life-like. Even the parts that don’t seem like they fit in are integrated very well into the film. Then the way the characters are portrayed pulls it all together. Therefore, I feel as though this is an animated film that cannot be missed out on. Everyone who sees this movie will most likely love it.

For more information on the film please click here. Perhaps for something similar, but with more adult content you can watch Book of Eli.