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1975, Swiss Alps: In a remote mountain village, an immesely beautiful but disturbed and dumb woman shows up. Only the village policeman Reusch takes care of the strange woman and tries to find out whoshe is. There are hints that she came from the Höhenalp Alp, where herdsmen do unthinkable things to get the company of women. Many dark truths are revealed that should better have remained hidden. A tragedy of lust, insanity and murder is brought to a seemlingly pure and perfect world. It is the beginning of a nightmare of religious insanity, hypocrisy, abuse and belief in demons, who destroys a young family and brings a whole village to destruction.

Run time: 110m Release: 2010-09-23

Stars: Andrea Zogg Carlos Leal Daniel Rohr Joel Basman Nicholas Ofczarek Paula Marija Peter Jecklin Rebecca Indermaur Roxane Mesquida Ueli Jäggi

Jake (Dakota Daulby, Falling Skies) and Noel (Matthew MacCaull, Vendetta) are estranged brothers haunted by a troubled past. In the years since their father died in a hunting accident and their mother committed suicide, they’ve lost touch with one another. After escaping from his abusive uncle, Jake seeks refuge with Noel who now lives with his girlfriend Paula (Christie Burke, Falling Skies) in the old family farmhouse. Located on an isolated island, it’s the perfect place to find solace and reconnect after years of separation. Or so Jake thinks…
Run time: 100m Release: 2014-09-27

Stars: Artine Brown Christie Burke Dakota Daulby Josh Byer Matthew MacCaull Michael Dickson Peter Benson Victoria Bidewell

The idyllic life of Bill, a retired aging rock star, and his young wife is rocked by a lover from her past, resulting in catastrophic consequences.
Run time: 85m Release: 2016-04-29

Stars: Antonio Magro Ben Lamb Iggy Pop Kacey Clarke

An erotic amnesiac lures a police psychologist into a world of lust and danger.
Run time: 96m Tagline: A Psycho-Sexual Thriller Release: 1993-12-01

Stars: Chelsea Field Diane Hsu Gloria LeRoy Irene Tsu Kenneth Tigar Larry Manetti Matt McCoy Pamela Anderson Rance Howard Steven Bauer