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Successful psychologist, Dr. Angela Cross, puts in a new burglar alarm system into her home due to threats she received. Steve Caldwell and Will Griffith install her system and after Will gets shot during a burglary attempt. Jeff and Angela have a hot relationship going until another break-in at her house. Angela has some secrets from her past that could be exposed if the tapes stolen are viewed.
Run time: 101m Tagline: Midnight Hour Release: 1996-01-01

Stars: Andrew Stevens Casper Van Dien Chick Vennera Jeff Trachta Kimberly Kelley Michael Phenicie Paula Barbieri Perla Walter Seth Jaffe Sondra Spriggs

Security expert Will Griffith has been hired to secure the mansion of South American expatriate Hector Mejenes...
Run time: 97m Release: 1991-03-05

Stars: Andrew Stevens Ashok Amritraj Dan Cashman Geno Silva John O'Hurley Julian Stone Richard Chaves Shannon Tweed Tessa Taylor Tim Russ

When a mentally imbalanced prisoner (Robby Benson) gets out on parole, he tracks down the journalist (Jennifer O'Neill) who interviewed him while he was behind bars and persuades her to hire him as an assistant. But when she denies his advances, he aims for her adolescent daughter (Lydie Denier). The girl thinks she can stave off his disturbing desires -- at least for a while. But her naïveté is no match for his perversity.
Run time: 92m Tagline: Terror is in the eye of the beholder Release: 1992-12-07

Stars: Count Stovall Ian Ogilvy Jennifer O'Neill John Agar Lydie Denier Patricia Barry Robby Benson Robert Knott

Greg Sanderson is helping his wife, Jan, to recover from a nervous breakdown and revive their strained marriage. Their privacy is interrupted by the arrival of Greg's stunning and mysterious sister, Laura. Jan's paranoia deepens as she suspects that Greg's and her sister's relationship is too close. In her desperation, she confides her fears to the landlord but his weird reaction only creates more confusion.
Run time: 100m Tagline: When reality turns to fantasy. And fantasy turns to terror... Release: 1992-10-14

Stars: Emma Samms Heather Locklear Leslie Danon Melinda Cordell Ned Beatty Paul Mantee Robert Carradine Russell Baer Susannah York

Former NFL star Mack Derringer now works as a private detective. Someone is out to get Derringer and his ex-wife. Can Derringer put the pieces of this deadly puzzle together before its too late?
Run time: 93m Tagline: The world's deadliest strip of sand. Release: 1993-08-04

Stars: Fred Williamson Gary Busey Henry Silva Isabel Sanford Peter Fonda Ray Bouchard Robert Forster Sam Jones Stella Stevens Vanity

Lisa Boeri is at the top of her corporate career. At night she frequents the notorious Club Tulpa, owned by a mysterious Tibetan guru. Unshackled from repression and guilt, Lisa will do anything with any stranger to attain a higher consciousness. However, when her lovers start getting murdered in shocking ways, Lisa can’t go to the police because the scandal would impact her day job. Foolishly she tries to unmask the assassin herself, with truly nightmarish consequences.

Run time: 84m Tagline: Members Only Release: 2012-08-25

Stars: Claudia Gerini Crisula Stafida Ennio Tozzi Giorgia Sinicorni Giulia Bertinelli Ivan Franěk Laurence Belgrave Michela Cescon Michele Placido Nuot Arquint

During the 1980s, a failed stand-up comedian is driven insane and turns to a life of crime and chaos in Gotham City while becoming an infamous psychopathic crime figure.
Run time: 122m Tagline: Put on a happy face Release: 2019-10-02

Stars: Bill Camp Brett Cullen Frances Conroy Glenn Fleshler Joaquin Phoenix Josh Pais Leigh Gill Robert De Niro Shea Whigham Zazie Beetz

When Alita awakens with no memory of who she is in a future world she does not recognize, she is taken in by Ido, a compassionate doctor who realizes that somewhere in this abandoned cyborg shell is the heart and soul of a young woman with an extraordinary past.
Run time: 122m Tagline: An angel falls. A warrior rises. Release: 2019-01-31

Stars: Christoph Waltz Ed Skrein Eiza González Jackie Earle Haley Jennifer Connelly Jorge Lendeborg Jr. Keean Johnson Lana Condor Mahershala Ali Rosa Salazar

When twenty-four-year-old Jae is released from prison for killing her mother, she returns to her childhood home in small-town Ridgecrest. The desire to go anywhere but there prompts her to agree to join her brother on a road trip out to Death Valley - which results in getting them hopelessly lost in the most stunning, but unforgiving topographical terrain on the planet.
Run time: 92m Tagline: beauty. love. madness. exile. Release: 2016-09-15

Stars: Dana Rosendorff Jackson Davis Jake Busey Michael Milford Mischa Barton Trent Ford Winter Ave Zoli

Anna Fritz is a beautiful and famous actress. Suddenly her body is found in a hotel and the news of her death goes around the planet. The young, shy caretaker Pau works at the hospital where they carried the body of Anna Fritz. He and his friends decide to take pictures of the body of Anna Fritz. They decide they could make love to her and nobody would know. They are in front of Anna Fritz ... and can do with it what they want.

Run time: 76m Release: 2015-03-15

Stars: Alba Ribas Albert Carbó Belén Fabra Bernat Saumell Cristian Valencia Daniel Aser Henry Morales Montserrat Miralles