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Gia and Shane book a stay with an Airbnb in hopes of healing their fractured marriage. The eccentric homeowner, Helen, greets them and reveals a ghost story that comes with the house. That evening, as a storm rages and the guests are trapped inside, Gia begins to unravel. Flashbacks mix with the present and soon Gia wonders what is real and what isn’t.

Run time: 110 minutes

Stars: David Bianchi Michael Lombardi Vanessa Ore

Dark Awakening is a suspenseful thriller that horror fans will love. Directed by Emmy winner Dean Jones and starring iconic actor Lance Henriksen (Aliens, “Millennium”), the film centers around James Thomas, a district attorney who has seemingly left his family ties behind him. Due to his mother’s untimely death, James moves his wife, Jennifer, and 7 year old son Danny to the family’s rural estate to tie up loose ends. Shortly after arriving, Jennifer and Danny begin to experience strange paranormal occurrences involving the spirits of children. And to add to the peculiar nature, it seems that Danny is the only “living” child in town.
Determined to understand what is happening, Jennifer seeks spiritual guidance from the parish priest and family friend, Father Donovan O' Malley. The mystery deepens with Father O' Malley. He is cognizant of the origins of the dead children, the reason for their resurrection and how and why it ties to her husband James, who holds the darkest secret of all.

Run time: 90 minutes

Stars: Lance Henriksen

Joseph Mersault (Devon Sawa), his wife Anne (Camille Sullivan), and their daughter Renée (Summer H. Howell) live in the remote wilderness and earn their living as fur trappers. The family struggles to make ends meet and think their prey are being hunted by the return of a rogue wolf. Determined to catch the predator in the act, Joseph leaves his family behind to kill the wolf. But what he finds instead is the dumping grounds of a serial killer deep in the woods and sets bear traps around the bodies as he lies in wait for the predator to return. Anne and Renée grow increasingly anxious during Joseph’s prolonged absence and struggle to survive without him. When they hear a strange noise outside their cabin, Anne hopes it is Joseph but instead finds a man named Lou (Nick Stahl), who has been severely injured and left for dead. Anne and Renée take Lou in and nurse him back to health, thinking he’s fallen victim to the vicious wolf. But the longer Lou stays and Joseph is away, Anne realizes Lou isn’t a victim—he’s the killer Joseph discovered in the woods.

Run time: 90 minutes

Stars: Camille Sullivan Devon Sawa Nick Stahl Summer H. Howell

Ever since the death of her father, Haley (Jane Dillon) has struggled with anger management. Luckily, she finds solace in running with her friends Elaina (Sahara Ale) and Abby (Rachel Ogechi Kanu) on their high school track team with her supportive mother Michelle (Laurie Fortier) cheering her on. But when Abby is found dead in the locker room after a particularly heated argument with Haley, the cops pin the murder on Haley and place her under house arrest. Haley is adamant she’s innocent, so Michelle hires an attorney to help in Haley's defense. As Michelle tries to figure out who could have framed her daughter, Haley’s assistant track coach also turns up dead, and Haley's DNA is found all over the crime scene. Confronted by Michelle, Haley confesses that she has been breaking house arrest for weeks but didn’t kill anyone. After Haley goes missing, Michelle must work quickly to find her daughter and discover the truth behind the mysterious deaths before Haley or anyone else gets hurt.

Run time: 90 minutes

Stars: Ashton Leigh Huntington Daly Jane Dillon Laurie Fortier Sahara Ale

Workaholic Amelia (Clare Grant) is focused on running her small business despite harassing comments from an anonymous follower on her blog. Her eager assistant, Becca (Krystal Ellsworth), tries to get Amelia to report the increasingly aggressive follower, but Amelia believes she can handle it on her own. As Amelia struggles to work through her professional problems, she receives a letter from the dying wife of her former boyfriend, Mark (Rick Malambri). In the letter, Mark’s wife asks Amelia to reconnect with him upon her passing. Intrigued, Amelia meets with Mark and old flames reignite. At the same time, Amelia meets her new client, Forrest (Michael Steger), whose mysterious and attentive nature intrigues her. As Amelia dives back into her intense relationship with Mark and leaves Becca to her own devices at work, suspicious activities and online threats make Amelia question whether the people closest to her have her best interests at heart.

Run time: 90 minutes

Stars: Clare Grant Krystal Ellsworth Michael Steger Rick Malambri

Popular radio DJ, Shannon (Skye Coyne), uses her talk show to discuss her love life and is all in when her producer, Hailey (Jillian Murray), suggests they do a promotion where listeners can nominate friends to go on dates with Shannon. Ending her relationship with Gavin (Iyan Evans), Shannon is ready to move on. But while on her first radio show date with Ian (Hunter Hobbs), Shannon runs into Gavin, who is hurt to see her with another man. Gavin begs her to take him back, but Shannon refuses, even though she admits to Hailey that she still has feelings for him. But when Shannon learns Ian was killed right before they were supposed to go on their second date, she becomes suspicious of Gavin, especially as he continues to show up everywhere Shannon goes. Finally, Gavin manages to convince Shannon that he’s innocent, and the two rekindle their relationship—until Hailey inserts herself into their relationship to get Gavin all to herself.

Run time: 90 minutes

Stars: Iyan Evans Jillian Murray Skye Coyne

Writer Blake Sinclair goes away for the weekend to the small town of Northdale to stay in a cabin and finish writing her book, with plans to meet her husband days later. Unaware that a madman, killer has escaped a mental hospital. He returns to his home, coincidently, the same cabin where Blake is staying in Northdale. The Killer toys with Blake and must be stopped but will her husband make it in time to save her?

Tagline: Expect A Killer Weekend

Stars: Alison Mcatee Chris Browning Ema Bell Lance Henriksen Natasha Henstridge Shelby Jane

When a global pandemic limits the possibility of travel, a honeymooning couple gets stranded at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel where a skeleton staff of two employees tend to them. When tensions escalate amidst a forced lockdown, it becomes apparent there is more to fear at the storied hotel than just cabin fever.

Stars: Brendan Hines Jey Reynolds Kevin Daniels Ola Kaminska Tatjana Marjanovic

A newly-developed microchip designed by Zorin Industries for the British Government that can survive the electromagnetic radiation caused by a nuclear explosion has landed in the hands of the KGB. James Bond must find out how and why. His suspicions soon lead him to big industry leader Max Zorin.
Run time: 131m Tagline: Has James Bond finally met his match? Release: 1985-05-24

Stars: Alison Doody Christopher Walken David Yip Fiona Fullerton Grace Jones Manning Redwood Patrick Bauchau Patrick Macnee Roger Moore Tanya Roberts

Two unlikely companions embark on a perilous adventure through the badlands of an unexplored planet as they try to escape a dangerous and disorienting reality, where all inner thoughts are seen and heard by everyone.
Run time: 108m Tagline: No one escapes the noise Release: 2021-01-21

Stars: Cynthia Erivo Daisy Ridley David Oyelowo Demián Bichir Kurt Sutter Mads Mikkelsen Nick Jonas Oluniké Adeliyi Óscar Jaenada Tom Holland