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Movie Theaters Feel Comfortable After Senate Decides to Aid

There are a lot of businesses that are currently suffering as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak. Among all of the businesses that have been impacted are businesses that are a part of the entertainment industry. Theaters in particular have been affected pretty hard since they serve as a medium for entertainment purposes. Studios that give theaters copies of their films are making up for the financial damage impacting them by releasing films on video on-demand. Theaters have no such means of ensuring a steady revenue source.

The Coronavirus, or Covid-19, outbreak has forced people to practice social distancing and not being a part of gatherings. Social distancing essentially means trying to keep a fair distance away from other people outside those you interact with at home. Even people at home should try their best to limit contact and to keep themselves and everything around them disinfected. Not being a part of gatherings is just an extension of social distancing since not being in a crowd of people lowers risk of getting infected or transmitting infection to others. The two of these things resulted in entertainment industry businesses being shut down for the remainder of the outbreak.

Following the forced closure of theaters in order to keep the infection from spreading, theaters began their search for help. Theater owners and employees are in trouble because they still need to get paid in order to pay bills and make sure that theaters are ready to reopen when the time comes. This issue was put before the government so that they could try and help out theaters with some kind of bailout. The bailout would then directly help the theaters and employees so they can stay opened when they are allowed to start showing movies again.

For a time, theater owners weren’t even sure whether they would even be able to reopen post-coronavirus. Now, however, the National Association of Theater Owners, or NATO, are confident that they will be able to reopen without any trouble. The U.S. Senate managed to reach an agreement that would “provide relief to movie theaters, their employees, and so many other public-facing industries that have had to close their doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic.” With this plan for aid in place, there is a massive weight lifted off of the shoulders of those in the industry.